Synergy360 is collaborative care for enhanced physical wellness

Through our research, we’ve discovered a lack of biometric data that can help in collaborative care and enhanced physical wellness. Synergy360 empowers individuals in their physical health through daily vital measurements and senior-focused pharmaceutical services. 

The Synergy360 Kit

This kit contains medical-grade Bluetooth physiological measuring devices that gather accurate vital signs and bio-physical readings. These readings are captured and synced to a cyber-secure and HIPAA-compliant portal and made available for residents, families, and designated medical professionals. 

Remote Resident Monitoring

The RPM portal provides an alarm or alert if any of the residents’ vital signs or bio-physical readings fall outside their personalized “normal” ranges. A nurse will respond to the resident or designated medical professionals to suggest a course of action.

Pharmaceutical Oversight

A dedicated Heartland Pharmacist will provide prescribed medications in a packaging format tailored to each residents’ needs. Additionally, the pharmacist will review and consult with each resident on possible drug interactions through the secure telemedicine communication portal.

Synergy360 Features


Bluetooth tablet
Blood Pressure Cuff
Digital Scale
Pulse Oximeter
Digital Thermometer

Wellness Team


of Data

Personal Access
Private Medical Team Access
Select Family Member Access
These elements combine to create Synergy360, an empowering and progressive way to promote more independent, quality living with improved overall physical wellness.

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Synergy360 is a service provided by a caring, dependable, and family-focused company with 20 years of experience in long-term care. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the individuals, families and healthcare partners we serve. We deliver solution-driven services ensuring a personal, consistent, and reliable experience for all.

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