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Great Company Culture
We didn’t get nominated for one of Idaho’s best places to work on a whim. We work hard at providing a team that works like a committed family so everyone can experience the Heartland Way.
Work-Life Balance
We are mostly a Monday through Friday company. Some locations have rotating on-call Saturdays, but we believe time off with your friends and family are critical to your overall happiness. Part of our culture is to come to work, work hard, and make your time count. But once you’ve done that, we want you to press the pause button, go home and relax. Work will be there the next day, so don’t bring it home with you.
Paid Rest and Relaxation
Not only do we believe time off after work is important, but sometimes you just need a mental health day. We offer PTO on an accrual basis, but there’s no waiting period. You start earning your paid time off, which begins on the first day of work.

We love our employees, but holidays are best spent with family and friends. That’s why we give you 6 paid holidays as well.
Total Medical Care
Heartland Pharmacy cares about your health and well-being. That’s why we shop around for the best plans and the most affordable! We offer not one, not two, but three medical plans to choose from, for either just you, your spouse, or your entire family! We also offer Flex Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts to help you prepare for those surgery plans, emergency situations, or for a rainy day!
We offer two different dental plans, one includes orthodontia care! Finally, we offer vision care at no cost to you! We've got you covered!
Financial Planning
Since we’re in the medical industry, we want to take care of your overall health, including your future! Starting your retirement now, whether your 18 or 45, we offer 401(K) with 3% company match! Let’s start saving!
Benefit We Pray You Never Need
If you ever have to you use this benefit, we will truly be crushed. But we don’t want your family to suffer any more than they already will be, so Heartland Pharmacy offers Basic Term Life Insurance, with options of buying additional, as well as $20k in accidental death insurance.
Improvement Programs
Everyone wants growth! Whether its in your position here at Heartland over overall self-improvement. That’s why we offer Heartland’s advancement and self-improvement programs to fit your needs!

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