Heartland Pharmacy Founded in 2001

Founded in 2001 Heartland Pharmacy is a long-term care, family-focused pharmacy that improves health outcomes and lowers costs. Heartland provides free “STAT” medication delivery service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for prescriptions. Additionally, the unified team works together to focus on cost savings, while offering personalized online and phone support, as well as timely coordination with doctors and insurance companies, ensuring patients receive personalized care. Heartland Pharmacy is headquartered in Idaho Falls, ID with offices in Boise and Denver and currently delivers to the western U.S. in 12 states.

Meet Our External Development Team

Beverly Brown, MBS

Associate Director of External Development

Executive Accounts

Drew Smith

Assistant Director of External Development

Idaho, Montana, Utah

Jeff Graves

Regional Accounts Director

Idaho, Utah, Washington

Jack Kessler

Regional Accounts Director

Idaho, Nevada, Oregon

Josh Becton

Regional Accounts Director

Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming

Erin Lish

Regional Accounts Director

Arizona, Idaho, Utah

Sarah Howard

Assistant Director of External Development

Idaho, Nevada, Oregon

Samantha Kunz

Brand and Communications Manager


We are a caring and dependable long-term care pharmacy that is family focused and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the individuals, families and healthcare partners we serve. We deliver solution-driven services ensuring a personal, consistent and reliable experience for all.


We are a unified team working together as a committed family.
We are passionate about pursuing excellence in all we do.
We are devoted to forging strong relationships.
We communicate fearlessly to build trust and allegiance.
Our distinct service and kindness provide a positive experience for everyone.
Together we make a difference so that everyone can experience the Heartland way.


Heartland Pharmacy seeks to be the most widely respected long-term-care pharmacy by being connected, accountable, accessible, and by creating opportunities.


95% Overall Satisfaction

Heartland Pharmacy has a 95% overall satisfaction rate with their current communities.

<2% Assisted Living Facility Turnover

Heartland Pharmacy maintains less than 2% community turnover. Once you work with Heartland Pharmacy, you'll know why communities stay with them.

Personal Pharmacy Technician

99% of facilities that work with Heartland Pharmacy personally know their pharmacy technician.

3/4 Community Rating

3 out of every 4 communities asked say Heartland Pharmacy is a large company with a small-company feel, that they can rely on for quality and personal service.