Serenity Technology and Heartland Pharmacy

In the dynamic world of healthcare technology, one standout communications solution is making significant strides in long-term care communities: Serenity. This innovative platform, coupled with the expertise of Heartland Pharmacy, not only transforms the way our pharmacy staff and community staff interact but also brings about unheard-of time and cost savings, making it a game-changer in the industry.

Serenity stands out for its comprehensive, yet simple to use, HIPAA-compliant communication platform designed to bridge gaps between internal staff, external providers and residents and their families. With features such as secure messaging, video calls, and health tracking tools, the platform streamlines communication ultimately reducing errors and relieving unnecessary stress.

A crucial factor contributing to the success of Serenity in long-term care communities is its user-friendly interface. The platform is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that residents, regardless of their tech proficiency, can easily navigate and access its features. This simplicity translates into  time savings for communities because everyone gets the same information at the same time through dedicated channels. This enables them to focus more on providing quality care rather than navigating complex systems.  Research has shown an average of 1.5 hours EVERY day in community staff time savings and a 75% reduction in community staff to pharmacy call volume.

Heartland Pharmacy, a trusted name in long-term care, has strategically partnered with Serenity to amplify the impact of this technology in long-term care communities. By integrating pharmacy services into the platform, Heartland Pharmacy makes certain a perpetual experience for both residents and community staff, promotes State readiness by reducing medication errors and proficiency in medication consultation. Real-time updates and alerts directly from the pharmacy to the community enhance efficiency, reducing the time spent on manual coordination and communication.

Beyond time savings, the Serenity and Heartland Pharmacy collaboration brings about significant cost savings for long-term care communities. In fact, an estimated $6,000 savings per year, per community has been shown with the use of Serenity technology within Heartland Pharmacy community partners. The collaboration among the long-term care communities result in more efficient care delivery, reducing the need for unnecessary procedures or redundant services. 

The Serenity technology, in collaboration with Heartland Pharmacy, not only transforms the landscape of long-term care but also brings about significant time and cost savings. By prioritizing communication, medication management, and family engagement, this innovative platform is fostering a holistic approach to care that not only improves resident well-being but also enhances the efficiency and financial health of long-term care communities. As this partnership continues to evolve, the future looks promising for elevating the quality of care while optimizing resource utilization in long-term care communities.

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