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We’re attending the IHCA Convention — come see us!


We’re attending Collaboration in Aging— come see us!

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One of our core values is to be a solution-driven long-term care pharmacy, and we’re doing just that! With our partner, Serenity, a collaborative communication platform, we are bridging the communication gap in LTC through innovation and unity. Pharmacy-to-community communication breakdowns are the most prominent frustration and concern across the LTC industry, halting a focus and sufficient time for quality resident care. Here at Heartland, we have taken these frustrations and found a solution that works. While using Heartland Pharmacy and Serenity, we have seen a significant reduction in calls, time-tracking meds, etc., for our community partners. One specific community has found a “63% increase in response time in just over 6 days after install and set up of Serenity, thus greatly improving resident care.” (Misti C., Moonlight Mountain Recovery) Together, we are changing the game and creating consistent communication at the touch of a button. Are you utilizing Serenity in your community? Let’s schedule a call to talk more about it and its benefits.


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