Pharmacy Transition During Challenging Times

Heartland Pharmacy is continuously focused on making a difference in people’s lives – even during challenging times. Our solution-driven service, seamless transitions for new communities and constant drive for excellence ensures a personal, consistent and reliable experience for all.

As we assess the current healthcare environment, Heartland Pharmacy has taken a step back to evaluate processes, and where needed, make services more accessible for communities, residents and families.

Some of the changes we’ve made include:

  • Communicating more frequently with our communities to address needs in a timely manner.
  • Personalizing transition options and tailoring them to specific needs of each community.
  • Adding virtual meetings and trainings for community, staff, and family members on the meeting platform of their choice.

We understand the need to keep those around us informed, so we have set our focus on increasing our communication efforts within the office as well as with our communities. We are finding that we are forging stronger relationships and building true partnerships through collaboration and communication, and technology has been the catalyst in our efforts. With the use of training videos and video conferencing we are able to substitute onsite training for virtual training.

Family nights have moved to a virtual setting, allowing for effective communication and more personalized connection. By offering this solution more family members are able to participate. In the past, family members could not participate because they were in another state.

This unprecedented time has challenged us to be more organized and efficient. Digital documentation has made this possible with a variety of options, helping us become more organized than ever before. The transition processes have been almost seamless, and our increased use of technology has made for much more organized procedures. 

Our dedicated team has become even more unified than before, albeit virtually in many cases. According to one of our valued partners, we continue to be dedicated – even during these unprecedented times of division and uncertainty.

“We are so happy to be working with Heartland Pharmacy. They make our jobs easier! Heartland services all 10 Gables Assisted Living & Memory Care facilities and we’re excited to have them for our newly opened building in Caldwell. We admitted 10 residents within the first week of opening and they worked after hours to make sure we were taken care of.”

-Derek Westover, Administrator, The Gables of Caldwell

We have always strived to provide smooth transitions, but by overcoming the additional challenges facing us all, we have revisited our processes and continued to perfect our procedures. In doing so, we’ve successfully transitioned several communities in the past three months.  As we are discovering new opportunities and challenges, we are thinking outside the box to accommodate our communities, and we are well prepared to transition new communities safely and seamlessly. 

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