Heartland Pharmacy Now Offers Pharmacogenomics Testing (PGX)

Pharmacogenomics Testing is unique genetic testing to help with better quality of life and understanding how your body will react to certain drugs.


Pharmacogenomics testing could be for you.

  • Find the right treatment and help avoid taking medications that could pose a risk to health.
  • Maximize effectiveness of medications with personalized treatment options.
  • Help identify the right drug at the right dose. (After discussing the results of the test with a physician, an effective course of treatment can be identified.)
  • Save time and money.


Pharmacogenomics testing is for.

  • Patients who show lack of results or sensitivity to a given treatment.
  • Patients who have demonstrated poor compliance.
  • Those with multiple prescriptions and chronic conditions.
  • Patients with a history of Pharmacotherapy failure.

Interested in Pharmacogenomics Testing?

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