PGX Testing Partnership with Heartland Pharmacy

Have you ever taken a medication and wondered if the medication will actually help you?  Heartland Pharmacy understands your concerns when it comes to taking a new prescription medicine, and that’s why, through a partnership with Admera, we now offer pharmacogenetics testing (PGX) to our residents.

PGX is a unique type of genetic testing that allows us to see how unique genetic makeups will metabolize drugs. Each person synthesizes medication differently, and sometimes medication or dosage poses a risk to a person’s health. When medication is metabolized slowly, the medicine that should help, can become toxic. If a drug is metabolized too quickly, then it may never take effect.

Richard Harkaway – an attending physician at Albert Einstein Medical Center has personal experience with the benefits of pharmacogenetics testing. “I was in my driveway and my hand started to shake. My legs and my abdomen started to twitch. I stopped breathing and I collapsed… it was a seizure,” said Harkaway.

Through testing, Harkaway’s team discovered that he was a slow metabolizer of one of the drugs he was prescribed, which caused his body to seize. With PGX, he was able to receive a precise analysis to ensure an alternate, more effective drug that his body was able to metabolize correctly. *

The reduction of trial and error prescribing may be drastically reduced with PGX. Residents can find the right medication and dosage with one quick test and be on the road to recovery. Not only will residents save money with PGX, but they also will not waste precious time on ineffective and potentially dangerous treatments. Treatment will be far more effective and personalized when residents go through PGX testing.

Residents who present the following may benefit from PGX testing:

  • Residents who show lack of results from their treatment.
  • Those who take multiple prescriptions or have chronic conditions. 
  • Residents who have demonstrated poor compliance. 
  • Residents with a history of Pharmacotherapy failure.
  • Residents who have shown sensitivity to treatments.

Heartland Pharmacy is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of individuals. Our customers rely on us for quality pharmacy services and medications. Pharmacogenetics testing allows the option for a an even more precise path to optimal treatment. PGX helps guide residents to long-term treatment decisions.

If you are taking medications but still don’t see any results, PGX can help. If you must continually try new prescriptions for your existing condition or conditions, try PGX. If you have ever demonstrated a failure to comply with medications, it is time to try PGX. PGX is the first step in prescription medication. To be better informed about your health and drug selection, visit Heartland Pharmacy to learn more about your options for your pharmacogenetics testing.

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