More than a Billing Analyst

Every day, billing analysts arrive at various pharmacies to start, continue, or finish their tasks to ensure that their pharmacy continues to operate.  These analysts’ duties are vast and may include client set up, payment processing, insurance inquiries, billing reconciliation, billing preparation, collections, etc. The workload of a billing analyst is usually heavy and rarely allows for a personal “touch.” 

But at Heartland Pharmacy, our distinct service and kindness provide a positive experience for everyone.

That value extends even to our billing department. We are devoted to forging strong relationships, which means that we provide dedicated personnel to each community and resident we serve. This doesn’t exclude our financial department. Each billing analyst at Heartland Pharmacy is assigned communities and residents whom they know personally.

Meet Holly

Holly Hope, one of Heartland’s longest-standing team members, explains why she is passionate about pursuing excellence and how it relates to her position as a dedicated billing analyst:

“I love getting to know our residents and families on a personal level. When they call, I’m already aware of their background, their needs, and the situation they may find themselves in. I enjoy being able to help them through any questions they may have and finding solutions for each of those I come in contact with,” said Holly.

Being more than a billing analyst comes with the territory at Heartland Pharmacy. This distinct service and kindness provide a positive experience for everyone.

“I get to know the residents and often get to communicate with their loved ones. I become part of the family, in a sense. Money isn’t something that people enjoy talking about. Still, I appreciate that I work for a company that’s mission says our services ensure a personal, consistent, and reliable experience for all,” said Holly.

At Heartland Pharmacy, we strive to instill value in every corner of the pharmacy – including the billing department. It’s part of why we’ve been serving people for 20 years. And, why we will continue in the future, so that everyone can experience the Heartland Way.

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