Long-Term Pharmacy Impact: Back to the Basics

While talking to dedicated workers and partners in the long-term care industry, we have come to understand what is missing from a pharmacy-community perspective. We LISTENED to you. You want to get back to the basics of medication compliance.

While interviewing Jack Kessler, Assistant Director of External Development, he shared his experience with communities right now.

“I love getting out and making a difference in individuals’ lives, especially community residents and hardworking healthcare staff. I do whatever I can do to brighten their day, whether that means dressing up like a leprechaun or wearing a Halloween suit. I genuinely love meeting people and spreading hope and light in the dark times of COVID and other challenges,” said Jack. “But right now, with the increase in staff turnover and employee shortages, the need in the industry isn’t to show up in a costume with candy but to show up with consistent, personal, and reliable service. As a pharmacy partner, we have the responsibility of delivering solution-driven service that is focused on medication management and compliance.”

We also talked to some of Heartland Pharmacy’s current partners, and here’s what they have to say about the impact pharmacy has on overall community success.

“Having a close relationship with our LTC pharmacy is essential to ensure resident satisfaction, medication management, and compliance,” said Nicole E.

Mary Beth Ryans agrees with Nicole E. that relationships are vital to success. “Pharmacy services are key to compliance and customer service when it comes to managing resident care,” said Mary Beth.

As Halloween nears, we asked Jack whether he would be bringing out the jack-o-lantern suit, and he said, “Of course! I will always continue to bring a smile to people’s faces through costumes, candy, and fun. Still, even more so, I will always focus on resident safety by keeping up with medication management and compliance,” said Jack. To ‘Experience, the Heartland Way’ is to have the best of both worlds, a mix of laughter and fun with personal, consistent, and reliable service. To learn more about Heartland Pharmacy and our LTC pharmacy services, go to

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