IT Department Highlight

Heartland Pharmacy is made up of many invaluable team members who help maintain a smooth operation, benefiting both partners and residents. Although our IT team works mainly behind the scenes, they are no exception. We spoke with our IT department to find out what makes them tick.

Tony Holbrook is an IT Associate in the Boise office. He’s been with Heartland for nearly five years and says his friends and co-workers are why Heartland feels like home. 

“I get to work with some fantastic people who are always happy to spend their time teaching me something I don’t know,” he says.

Since day one, Tony has been welcomed as a part of the Heartland team. “Lance recognized my abilities and tried to get me into an area where they would be utilized,” he says about moving from the production department to IT. “I get to create programs that have the potential to be used by the company indefinitely.”

Jake Hann serves as IT Director and Security Officer here at Heartland. He has been with Heartland for eight years and like Tony, he attributes his staying power to the positive environment he experiences each day at work. 

“What keeps me here is the company’s culture,” he explains. “I love the atmosphere, dedication, and bond we all share in helping each other.”

Jake also finds enjoyment in the challenging nature of his job. “I love fixing issues,” he says about the computers. “It is like a puzzle. There is always something new every day or a chance to create.”

Heartland is all about building a strong community. So when one of Heartland’s primary technicians met Canon Tschikof, he was brought in with open arms as a member of the IT family. Canon has been in the IT department for three years, but his fascination with computers goes back to adolescence.

 “I started getting into IT work in high school,” he says. “I built my first computer and then built one for a few friends.”

After working at a repair store for one of the most well-known tech giants in the world, Canon was ready to expand his skill set even more and found the right fit through his position at Heartland.

“I wanted to make a change,” he says. “I stay because of the opportunities provided for me to continue to learn new skills, which I would not be able to learn at other companies.”

While the opportunities to learn are vast, Canon also finds comfort in the kinship at Heartland.

“I have stayed with Heartland because of those that I work with and the company’s values.”

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