Heartland Pharmacy: Your 2024 LTC Pharmacy Partner

True partnerships can play a pivotal role in shaping the quality of services and support provided to residents in the challenging and complex landscape of long-term care. Collaborations between communities and the companies they work with to provide resident care can foster innovation, efficiency, improved care levels, cost savings, and accuracy; ultimately, it fosters a holistic approach to care.

As we enter 2024, Heartland Pharmacy will focus on further enhancing our synergistic and collaborative partnership with our communities. Our multi-faceted plan to evolve from a community vendor to an authentic partner will provide communities with innovations, efficiencies, and an overall opportunity for expanded quality care.

Internal Tunings

Internally, Heartland Pharmacy is restructuring operations to cultivate heightened communications with frequent and consistent meetings between our account management and pharmacy teams. These meetings will confirm community needs from both ends of the relationship to develop a synergistic delivery of community needs.

Personal Relationships

Feeling confident in the partnership communities have with their pharmacy is essential.

Our account team is committed to increasing consistent in-person meetings to help communities relay the day-to-day operations and needs so that our team in the pharmacy intricately understands the communities.

Transition Streamlining

We are analyzing and adjusting our transition and resident onboarding processes to identify optimization for both the community and residents. These adjustments will support a streamlined, quality transfer of care for new residents.  We want to reward communities for selecting Heartland Pharmacy as their “House Pharmacy” by taking the stress out of the transition process.

Consultation Augmentations

We have always provided consultation services to help communities develop best practices and improve overall compliance, but now, our consultations take an even deeper look at community processes and medication management to maintain a proactive approach to performance and compliance. Heartland Pharmacy Account Executives will work with communities to better define the level of consulting and the frequency of events needed. 

Enhanced Business Reviews

Driven by data, our team will identify innovative ways that communities can help foster better care for their residents. We will break down pharmacy-community interactions and discuss optimizations, integrations, and changes to help enhance the community’s business.

Our commitment to our communities has always been to be a caring and dependable long-term care pharmacy dedicated to making a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and communities we serve. In 2024, we are re-establishing this mission with in-depth and innovative initiatives because we are more than a vendor; we are a partner with each of our communities.

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