Heartland Employees Experience the Heartland Way

Heartland Pharmacy’s mission is and always has been to make a difference in the lives of the individuals, families and healthcare partners they serve.  That mission also applies to the team.  Heartland is dedicated to providing a high quality, supportive environment for each and every team member. 

Amanda Whitmill, a long-time pharmacist at Heartland Pharmacy, has experienced this philosophy first hand.  She started as a filler at Heartland Pharmacy in 2008.  Whitmill was debating whether her career path would continue in pharmaceuticals; however, she was intrigued by the concept of a non-retail pharmacy. Her decision to continue her education and become a pharmacist was based largely on her experience at Heartland Pharmacy. And, her decision to stay at Heartland Pharmacy was derived from seeing Heartland Pharmacy staff constantly focused on helping people, being capable and knowledgeable, and finding solutions for their partners and residents. 

“Heartland strives for high standards, the best quality in care and assistance in every aspect. You will always have the company’s support to learn and grow,” said Whitmill. “You are always important to Heartland–in your job role and who you are as a person.”

Once Whitmill’s decision was made, Heartland Pharmacy was supportive in the process. Staff helped prepare her for entry, helped through her P4 seminar and provided constant learning support throughout her schooling. The management team at the company was very flexible with her work schedule, which helped to promote a balance between school and work. 

Once she graduated, that support continued with every stage of her life, including maternity and motherhood. She continues to enjoy camaraderie with her coworkers and has developed lifelong-friends among her peers. Whitmill appreciates and understands that the environment and culture found at Heartland Pharmacy is hard to find.

She attributes her colleagues’ common goal to providing the best in service, as being an important factor in Heartland’s success, both internally and with the company’s partners.

“I can honestly tell you that I see it every day – everyone working hard each day to benefit the residents and provide the best experience every time,” said Whitmill.

Whitmill and the staff are constantly willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. For example, a community member notified her of an incorrect prescription labeling on the eMAR, and while she wasn’t familiar with finding the solution, she happily told them she would look into it and correct it. With the help of Whitmill’s technician, they were able to quickly modify the eMAR to accommodate the community member’s request. Working together as a team at Heartland Pharmacy is the key to making both the pharmacy and community successful in residents’ treatment. There are many options in long-term care pharmacies, but very few, when searching for quality service that feels like family. The communities that currently work with Heartland Pharmacy experience the Heartland Way every day. The company’s goal is that every community, employee, and resident will have the opportunity to experience it.

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