Delivery Myth: Multiple Deliveries are Beneficial to Communities

As a community, you may be receiving multiple deliveries from your long-term care pharmacy but is that the best way – even if you love your delivery driver? In truth, delivery is essential to medication compliance and controlling overflow.

Heartland defines multiple deliveries, outside of stat medications, as being 3+ deliveries per day. As always, we are willing to accommodate community needs; however, we strive to be the most efficient for you and your residents. 

With experience on the community side, in delivery, and now in leadership at Heartland Pharmacy, I took a methodical approach to analyze the best delivery method for our communities.

Initially, multiple deliveries may seem convenient. However, we have found that numerous deliveries interrupt the flow of systematic check-ins and can hinder med techs with:

  • Higher risk of error
  • Multiple check-ins of medications
  • Interruption of resident service
  • Multiple staff check-ins and locations/placements
  • Overflow

In contrast, you can maintain a consistent and controlled record of medication and compliance when considering a cycle or planned delivery (whether per day or regular). 

This helps the community in the following ways:

  • Lower error risk in med administration
  • One maintained record
  • Lower interruption of resident care
  • Scheduled medication intake
  • Better communication of overflow or missing medications
  • Lower employee workload (with fewer check-ins)
  • Less med misplacement or loss

Heartland Pharmacy prioritizes delivery to correspond with MAR reviews based on size, distance, and special requests to ensure Heartland Pharmacy is compliant, efficient, and cost-effective for each community. When all is said and done, med administration compliance should be the goal of every community.

We also know that delivery is the heart of the relationship between the pharmacy and the community. Our delivery drivers and shipping managers are the keys to making this all happen – even if they don’t visit you five times a day. 

Our delivery team members are eager to ensure that your goals are met, and your residents receive the care they need. Here are two team members at the heart of our organization. 

Jeremy H., Delivery and Shipping Manager, Boise

Jeremy has been with us for over three years and runs the department by creating a caring and family-focused culture. His team likes driving and the fun that comes from being on the Heartland delivery team. 

Jerry N., Delivery Driver, Denver

Jerry gets his sports radio fix in during his drives and is sure to double-check that the right meds get delivered to the right community within an efficient timeline. “We don’t just provide personal service within the pharmacy walls. I deliver personal, consistent, and reliable service when I deliver,” said Jerry.  – Beverly Brown, Associate Director of External Development

– Beverly Brown, Associate Director of External Development

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