Day to Day, We’re In This Together

What #2022Together Means

What does it mean to experience #2022together? At Heartland Pharmacy, we don’t just deliver your residents’ medications; we provide personalized service. We view our partners, community staff, and residents as our family. We are dedicated to being connected and consistently accessible to our partners with a family-focused approach. We want to create opportunities that better the lives of those we work with and serve. These opportunities are created by Heartland’s qualified team members who go out of their way to serve our communities.

Who are those employees? It would be a challenge to name only a few employees that exceed expectations, as all our employees go the extra mile: it’s simply part of the Heartland Way. Meeting our team is the best way to demonstrate exactly what Heartland Pharmacy stands for and how we can experience 2022 together.

We are 227 employees strong, with pharmacy locations in Idaho Falls, Boise, Salt Lake, and Denver, and our corporate office is in Idaho Falls. Each location, department, and team member contributes to a culture of caring that brings us all together. Meet our teams, and a few of their leaders:

Home Office

Our corporate office in Idaho Falls is the home base for our executive teams. They lead our family-centered culture and drive our company to live the Heartland Way.

Drew S. serves in our home office and focuses on employee engagement and morale. He started in the Idaho Falls pharmacy and is dedicated to community retention. He is always willing to help in any situation and is the ideal leader to build engagement and morale among other team members.

“You can’t leave a conversation with Drew without a smile on your face and confidence in the job at hand. He’s genuine and thoughtful in everything.”

-Drea, Corporate Marketing

Pharmacist Team

Our team of 44 experienced pharmacists has a keen eye for detail. Our pharmacists maintain high standards through consultations and quality control of medications to ensure enriched experiences for each resident and community member.

Bryan Martin, a pharmacist in Utah, is proactive and passionate about his pharmacy team and our community partners. Employees have described him as “an amazing person.”

Pharmacy Customer Account Technician (PCAT) Team

The importance of working together to create opportunities is demonstrated most visibly among our team of PCATs. The PCAT team is made up of 41 technicians who are highly skilled in personal customer service, building relationships with our partners, taking care of various concerns and issues, and maintaining a line of consistent communication. They often go out of their way to provide opportunities and allow communities, staff, and residents to experience the Heartland Way together.

Caitlyn E. works quickly to get our new partners switched over to Heartland, while still taking care of our current community partners and managing the PCATs in Boise. Dani, a PCAT Manager, reached out to 8 different pharmacies to find one with medication in stock, and one that would take payment over the phone to transfer the medication, taking care not to inconvenience the community.

Consulting Nurse

We have one full-time consultant nurse that makes it her priority to care for community partners. Peggy frequently steps in to help our 4 pharmacy locations by delivering personal, consistent, and reliable service. She is very thorough, detail-oriented, and consistent as she reviews medical administration records for our community partners.

Production Team

Working behind the scenes often goes unrecognized, but our production team members are the glue that keeps it all together. Each of the 63 production team members works quickly and accurately to ensure the right drug is packaged for the right resident. Their pride in consistent, reliable service means every resident can rely on getting the care they need.

“All our fillers step up without having to be asked. They volunteer to work on Saturdays and stay late to make sure we aren’t behind on production. They help our pharmacists with shelf cards and with the shipping department when they are understaffed.”

-Lance, Boise Production Manager

Delivery Team

Rain, snow, or sunshine, our delivery drivers and shipping teams guarantee that medications arrive at our communities as expedient as possible. From the first delivery driver to the23rd, everyone understands the importance of the job they are tasked with, and continually come through, even in difficult times.

Preston P. of our Idaho Falls pharmacy, is personable and dedicated to excellence in everything he does. He goes out of his way to help anyone in need and creates an environment of personalized service and fun.

Accounting and IT Team

Our administrative staff of accounting and IT understand that without their expertise, the Heartland Way would be out of reach. Our accounting team is one of the first impressions of Heartland, and they consistently demonstrate our family-focused approach.

Our IT professionals work hard to ensure our servers, software, and technology are secure, and effective. Jake H. leads the charge in these efforts with positivity and a true passion for what he does.

“During our Utah location opening, our entire A/R team took time out of their day to help transfer residents onto the correct server – one team member even stayed late into the evening because of how enormous the task turned out to be. These employees are always so willing to pitch in and do more than what their role entails. As a supervisor, I am so grateful our team members look above and beyond their own responsibilities to help wherever needed.

Another A/R employee has taken it upon herself to print special messages and post them in the girls’ restroom, along with adding a mint and chocolate dish, with the idea to lift or motivate someone, or let another employee know how important they are to others.”

– Holly, Accounting

External Team

If you have not yet experienced the Heartland Way, our external team will be your introduction. They emulate the core values of Heartland Pharmacy. Our team is keenly aware of community needs and effectively relays to Heartland the specific challenges these communities face, so we can consistently look for new opportunities to help.

Jeff G. is a perfect example of the “get-it-done attitude” that our external team lives by. Like his team members, he is ready to jump in and help anyone, at any time, in every way possible.

As we move through #2022together, our entire staff is standing by, ready to build up our partners and communities. We’ve created a family culture that goes beyond the walls of our offices. Our employees live by the Heartland Way. We do it because that is who we are, and we want our partners to feel our compassion in everything we do, big and small.

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