A Letter From Our CEO

Dear Heartland family, staff and friends, As we work to process the tragic events occurring right now, we wanted to send a message to you directly. To all of those who are hurting, we want you to know that Heartland Pharmacy stands with you. 

We are a long-term pharmacy company, but more importantly we are a company and a community – a family that believes in justice and equality. Discrimination is the greatest threat to a community built on belonging and acceptance.

Recent events reflect the painful truth that some people still experience discrimination, something that is the very opposite of Heartland’s mission and values. We all still have work to do, and we’re continuing to act on our commitment to creating a community that embraces every team member, staff, and member of our communities. Diverse conversations need to happen. We all need to hear and listen and learn. This is a time to evolve. At Heartland, our leaders and team members are committed to a workplace centered on inclusion and peace, as well as safety. 

Together, we can be the difference.
Please take care of yourselves, and stay safe. 
In solidarity,  Reece

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