A Heartland Hero

Heroes and their heroic acts often go unnoticed, and they deserve a chance to be seen. We see how tirelessly everyone works for our residents, residents, employees and so many others across their communities. Coming together and combining our efforts has proven to have the most positive impact on those we serve. Heartland Pharmacy wants to recognize those who have demonstrated what it means to be a true hero, so we started our Heartland Hero initiative. Although the idea originated during a very novel time in history, heroes in our history have always been prevalent and will always be a vital, necessary part of creating a high quality of life in our industry, in our communities and in our lives.

A Heartland Hero is:

H = hardworking

E = empathetic

R = responsive

O = optimistic

We are recognizing our Heartland heroes and their stories through social media and a personal recognition (when possible). If you know a hero, or if you see someone contributing to the happiness, health or safety of others, please contact a Heartland Pharmacy representative to have their story featured. By sharing these stories, we hope to show everyone all the good that is being done, and we hope to inspire others to do some good of their own. Everyday people will go above and beyond to help those around them, it’s our turn to do something for them.

Head over to our social media to check out each and every #HeartlandHero.

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