A day in the life of a PCAT

Our dedicated account technicians play a vital role in maintaining and ensuring quality care from Heartland Pharmacy. Without dedicated team members, Heartland Pharmacy becomes like any other LTC pharmacy: just another vendor contracted with a community.

No one wants that.

Meet Erica

Erica M. is a Pharmacy Customer Account Technician in our Boise pharmacy.  She has been a certified pharmacy technician for 11 years and has spent six of those years with Heartland Pharmacy.  Erica took us through the details of her daily routine and gave us insight into how valuable a PCAT is to a community.

Each day, Erica spends time inputting orders and verifying medication delivery.  She works closely with community staff to ensure all residents’ needs are taken care of and that everything is accurate and timely. 

 “Communication is crucial in this job. We actively communicate medication status, but more so, we discuss what is going on with residents, their needs, and overall health,” said Erica.

Much of Erica’s time is spent on the phone, focusing on making sure the community staff don’t worry about medications and feel confident in the residents’ well-being.

Erica also spends a portion of her time training community staff, and it’s one of the things she loves about her job. She’s glad to help communities learn more about the process, the meds, and the newest technologies and innovations that Heartland Pharmacy provides.  Not only that, she loves to watch people grow and become more confident in both their community and comfortable in the partnership that Heartland Pharmacy delivers.

Since one of her passions is people, selecting a career in long-term care was a given.

“I love people and believe you can make a bigger impact on residents in long-term care,” said Erica.

For Erica, it is all about building and maintaining positive relationships. She makes a difference in the lives of both the community staff and residents.

“You are what you attract,” she said. So, Erica strives to be a bright light in peoples’ lives. In long-term care, positivity and wholeheartedness are essential. 

Meet Andrea

Andrea C. is a Master Level Technician. She has been a licensed CNA and has worked at Heartland Pharmacy for the past 3 years.

Like Erica, Andrea is one of Heartland Pharmacy’s invaluable PCATs. She works in our Denver pharmacy, and has a passion for helping people. And also, like Erica, her dedication to ensuring proper medication management for all her residents is a top priority.

“I love the fact that I’m able to build a relationship with the staff at the communities, and that they can trust me. I have never felt like this with any other job. It doesn’t feel like just my routine Monday to Friday job, it feels like HOME.”

In her 3 years at Heartland Pharmacy, Andrea has gained a valuable understanding of assisted living, memory care and hospice, and that along with her previous CNA training and expertise has allowed her to provide a high quality of care that she really enjoys.  

Andrea has found that Heartland is different from other LTC and retail pharmacies because “we live our mission statement”.  She has found that the philosophy of respectfulness, professionalism, and positive attitude helps to alleviate stress for both her colleagues and her communities.  She said, “Every day is different, so I try to help others as much as I can, so they don’t feel overwhelmed.”

The viewpoint our entire team of Pharmacy Customer Account Technicians, of dedicating each day to providing quality, personalized care is the crux of who Heartland Pharmacy is, and what makes us better than other LTC pharmacies. You can ask any of them:

Danielle A.
Sarah B.
Nicole B.
Wendy B.
Carylne B.
Caleb C.
Arrianne C.
Jennifer D.
Aliki D.
Lacie D.
Dani D.
Derek D.
Emily D.  
Suzanne E.
Melissa G.
Charie H.
Raquel H.
Britney J.
Taylor J.
Natalie J.
Ericka K.
Meli’sa L.
Monica L.
Jenice M.
Christian M.
Larry M.  
Casi N.
Karen N.
Jessica O.
Luis P.
Corinne P.
Sarah R.
Cierra S.
Vallen S.
Jennifer S.
Tiffany W.
Sean W.
Tina W.
Gretchen Y.

Our mission is lived every day, with our PCATs and every team member: We are family focused and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the individuals, families and healthcare partners we serve.

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